School History Project Conference

Leeds Trinity University
10-12 July 2015

We are very pleased to announce that we will be facilitating a fringe session at the School History Project Conference in July. If you are attending the conference please join us for what promises to be a stimulating and lively discussion on the inclusion of women’s history in schools. A full programme will be available at shortly.

Teaching Women’s History: Moving Beyond Tokenism’

This session will be a participatory workshop exploring the representation of women on the school history curriculum. It will be an opportunity to discuss, debate and troubleshoot some of the challenges teachers face when planning and delivering more inclusive lessons. The workshop draws on the findings of a 2014 project organised by researchers at the University of York. The project worked with Year 12 students and history teachers from three York secondary schools to gauge perceptions of women in history and investigate the perceived barriers to the learning and teaching of women’s history. The purpose of this workshop is to share these findings, open up a new dialogue about the inclusion of women’s history in schools and ask what changes can be made. To find out more about the project and access our teaching resources please visit our website

Past Events

 Moving Beyond Boundaries HA Event York


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