Georgian Women

Georgian Women Teaching Pack

Age Group: 13+

Length: 2hr

Developed by Ruth Mather (Queen Mary University of London) and Jessica Haldeman (University of York)

Learning Outcomes

  • Establish what students already know about women in this period
  • Discuss representations in popular culture and critique these sources
  • Contrast ideal Georgian woman with the realities of their lives


This lesson explores the varied experiences of women in Georgian Britain, c.1714 – 1830. Britain itself was a fairly new invention in this period, following the Act of Union in 1707. It was an important period in cultural terms, with the emergence of important writers such as Laurence Sterne, Jane Austen and Walter Scott. The Georgian era is also renowned for the classical-style architecture which survives to the present day, revolutions in America and France and consequent wars, and the beginnings of the industrial revolution. This lesson looks at the roles of women in this vibrant period of British history, encouraging students to question the ideals of womanhood propagated at the time and to explore the ways in which the experiences of women were influenced not just by their gender but also by other factors such as class, sexuality, race and religion.

(Blog posts written by Ruth and Jessica on their experiences of teaching this workshop can be found here and here)

Teaching Pack

Georgian Women Lesson Plan

Georgian Women Teaching Pack Sheet 1

Georgian Women Teaching Pack Sheet 2

Georgian Women Teaching Pack Sheet 3


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